🛠️Setup GammaNet

Learn how to setup web3-enabled wallet to interact with Gamma Options

Setup Gamma Network

Gamma Options is deployed on private test network called Gamma Network. Gamma Network is used for testing, staging, as well as practice trading. Since Metamask doesn't know about Gamma Network, we are going to set it up in Metamask. Open your Metamask and follow the instructions below:

  1. click on colored circle on the right

  2. click on Settings

  3. click on Networks

  4. click on Add Network button

  5. click on Add a network manually link

Now you need to fill couple of fields:

Network name: GammaNet


Chain ID: 7933

Currency symbol: ETH

Click on Save button, and then click on Switch to GammaNet.

Congratulations, your Metamask is now ready to connect to Gamma Options and interact with it.

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