Deposit Funds

Learn how to request funds and make your first deposit

You have connected to Gamma Options App using GammaNet network. If you were on Ethereum Mainnet, you would normally deposit USDC or ETH to Gamma Options and start trading, but since your address don't have any USDC or ETH on GammaNet, your next step is to request some test funds to your wallet so that you can deposit them to Gamma Options App. Here's how to do that.

Request Funding

Navigate to Portfolio page where you should see a welcome message where you can request funding:

Click on REQUEST FUNDING and your funds are on you way. After a couple of seconds, your wallet will receive 100000 USDC and 100 ETH.

Deposit Funds

Click on the Deposit USD to deposit USDC to Gamma Options. Click on max button to deposit 100000 USDC.

After you click DEPOSIT button, Metamask will prompt you with 2 transactions. First transaction will approve your USDC funds to be spent by Gamma Options App. This is the way smart contracts are working across DeFi: they are PULLING funds out from the address you control using your wallet. To allow smart contract to pull funds, you need to approve smart contract to be spender. In Metamask, click Max button to approve all your funds.

Click the Next button, and after that click Approve button. This will send first transaction to GammaNet and after confirmation which takes a couple of seconds you will be prompted with second transaction.

Click on Confirm button, and after couple of seconds your funds would be deposited to Gamma Options. Here's how Portfolio page looks like after your first deposit.

You are now ready to make your first trade!

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